The Forerunners' Legacy

First Reflections

12 of 64 the numbers constantly run through my mind. That is who I am. That is what I am… but my memories of my home fade more with each passing moment. Since my separation from my home plane I have slowly become aware of my own identity separate from that of the one given to me at creation. Perhaps this is blasphemy, or perhaps it is Primus himself guiding me to a higher state of existence. I cannot tell. Since I can longer remember my proper place in my peoples society I have decided upon a name that will be easier for my new companions to use, and one I find more fitting to my current state. I shall be called Fractal. I will spread the truth of Primus and the perfection that he represents.
I recall the words spoken by my human companion in light of recent events, and I recall the betrayal of those who I have so blindly taken commands from. The slaughter of those primitives was unwarranted… the captain was motivated only by greed. I struggle to grasp the idea of emotions even as they begin to develop in my own thoughts… and I have come to regret my actions. There was no order, no higher purpose to the actions we have taken. I will be more careful in the future… I must remember that Primus must have blessed me with freedom for some purpose, and I will do everything in my power to discover that purpose.
I have decided to stay with the current group of travelers I find myself in the company of. Their actions and motives are mostly indiscernible to me, but in time I believe I may come to understand them. I can only hope to guide them to a place of order and reason.

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